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Innovative services for utilities and energy supplier

Together with our partners we provide services addressing customers' needs to manage their energy usage and costs.

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Our Vision to protect the environemnt

For Utilities and Energy Supplier

The EnergyRadar enables the offering of digitalized services like seamless integration of solar stations. wall boxes, electrical cars and batteries.

Digitalized services for consumer offer them a wide range of possibilities to contribute to the energy transition. Utilities and energy service provider become the enabler to reach this goals. This offering will motivate consumer in the future to have a long lasting relation ship with their supplier.

Seamless Integration helps utilities to balance the grid and to optimize the investment. A better alignment between demand and production also reduces the unplanned costs for energy from the European Energy Exchange (EEX).

For Facility Managers

The EnergyRadar Service Management enables the integration of all sources of energy in a building and the optimization of cost in different areas.
The transparent integration of power, water, gas, heat, cooling and many more offers the facility manager the possibility to create transparency in the energy usage for their customers on a daily, monthly or yearly base.
The EnergyRadar Service Management enables their customers to benefit from Solar stations on the roof top of the building (called Mieterstrom).

For Consumer

The EnergyRadar enables consumer to have a deep inside view on their energy usage and the associated cost. Cost management and budget control is for many users an major topic today. With the EnergyRadar they get this information in APP in real time. With the integration of flex tariffs they can move the usage of energy to less costly times during the day.
Based on real time data and the real consumption, the EnergyRadar provides information about their CO2 footprint and the impact on the environment.

For APP devleoper

Our well developed API allow you to develop your own APP and providing new and innovative services to commercial customers and consumer. Our user and application management will take care of the security of the data owner.
We are looking forward to new and non expected solutions for consumer

For non Energy related Services

You are interested in analytics from the EnergyRadar Service Management to be able to offer new and better services to your customers?
The EnergyRadar is able to supply you with this data, especially when it comes to unusual usage of gas, water and power. This could be used to set alarms for user and service companies to avoid high cost fro renovation.

Let the advantages of EnergyRadar Service Management be yours!

Save a maximum of time

Stop wasting your time waiting for results. Connect to EnergyRadar Service Management and start working with real time data right away.

Spend your money smarter

Instead of deploying different hardware for different services, connect to the EnergyRadar Service Management and focus on the application and use cases.

More precise decisions

Real time energy data allows you to make more precise decisions and therefore save time and money.

Reduce the CO2 footprint

Today, customers are focusing on mainly on two aspects. Having their energy costs under control and manage the energy consumption properly. Also they want to contribute to a healthier environment for their children.

Easy in so many ways

Easy integration of advanced IoT solutions via a well described SDK (REST-API) Sounds too complicated? Easy! Simply ask!

Always up to date

Steady Improvement! Profit from latest technologies, receive constant updates and get support for all your individual technical needs.

EnergyRadar Service Management

The EnergyRadar Service Management is the data broker for real time energy data.

EnergyRadar Service Management platform

  • collects and stores the energy data from different meter typs

  • comes with a innovative user and applications management

  • data security by design

  • enables 3rd party applications to connect

  • enables the use of energy data by different applications

EnergyRadar 3rd party connector

  • Only authorised applications can connect

  • SDK available at git hub

  • Integration of APPs and AI based Applications

  • REST API based interface

EnergyRadar Meter Connector

  • Connects different meter typs to the platform

  • transfers the data to a JSON based format

  • allows also IoT devices with via MQTT to connect

User & Service Management

  • only registered user can access their own data via the EnergyRadar Service Management

  • Only authorised 3rd party applications can use the data by  consent of the user

  • Registerd application become part of the market place

EnergyRadar Device Management

  • monitoring the health condition of each deployed MeterExtension

  • Remote update

  • remote fault analysation

  • remote configuration

EnergyRadar APP

The EnergyRadar APP is used for configuration and to evaluate electricity data and to preview the feed-in of renewable energy into the energy grid.

General Information

  • Guides through the Installation in 3 Steps

  • Displays real-time Energy Consumption

  • Renewable Energy Forecast

  • Displays CO2 Footprint

  • Communication Channel for your NEWs

  • Available for iOS (V10+) and Android (V4+)

  • Customization possible

EnergyRadar APP

  • For use with  MeterExtension #1 and #3

  • Reading interval via WiFi  > 3 sec

  • Easy Installation in 3 simple steps

MeterExtension #1

The EnergyRadar MeterExtension #1 uses the local WiFi network to provide electricity data for the EnergyRadar APP Version 1.

Application Scenarios

  • Gives customers a near real-time insight view of their actual energy consumption

  • Provides information about the availability of renewable energy sources

  • Enables integration in Smart Energy and Smart Home applications

  • Connects to the local WiFi network

Easy Installation

  • Installation is done in three steps

  • Just plug in the MeterExtension #1 to the local port

  • The EnergyRadar APP guides the user through the installation process

Technical Details

  • Available: Yes

  • Data granularity: > 2 seconds / depending on meter configuration

  • Interfaces to smart meter:
    HAN Port  – MBus with RJ45 & RJ12
    P1 /DSMR 5 Port

  • No External power supply needed (depending on Smart Meter)

  • Optional: USB connector for external power supply

MeterExtension #3

The EnergyRadar MeterExtension #3 uses the local WiFi network to provide electricity data for the EnergyRadar Application Version 1.

Application Scenarios

  • Gives customers a real-time insight view of this actual energy consumption

  • Provides information about  the availability of renewable energy sources

  • Uses WiFi for communication

Easy Installation

  • Installation is done in three steps

  • Just plug in the MeterExtension #3 to the optical port

  • The EnergyRadar APP guides the user through the installation process

Technical Details

  • Samples on stock

  • Data granularity: > 5 seconds

  • optical Interfaces to smart meter (IR)

  • Protocols available: FNN compatibel, SML, DLMS/Cosem

  • External power supply via USB

Satisfied customers and partners who have already reached the next level with EnergyRadar.

Beenera and EnergyRadar focus on digital services in the field of smart meter rollout

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Exnaton and EnergyRadar are working together on a project on district electricity

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We’re very happy to welcome Technology Care as our new partner in Saudi Arabia.

Excited? Our EnergyRadar team can’t wait to tell you more!

Here are just some of the use cases.

We would be happy to discuss your very individual one.

Analyse your appliances

  • Disaggregation analyses the power consumption of different appliances

  • detects appliances with a huge usage of power

  • suggest the replacement of appliances

Optimize your energy usage

  • Integrate your Energy production and consumption into your HEMS

  • Use your own produced energy optimal

  • mange the device according to the availability of own energy

  • reduce your bill

Manage the charging stations and balance the grid

  • Get real time information about the usage of the energy in a grid segment

  • Control the charging stations of your customers 

  • Analyse the charging performance and issue predictive maintenance if necessary

  • Offer a better pricing scheme based on the individual behaviour

Keep your customer with better offerings based on real time values

  • Get real time information about the energy consumption of different stores

  • Detect locations with abnormal usage

  • Create a base for further contract negations with your customer 

  • Offer a better tariff and keep the customer on a long term contract

Get the best price for your energy

  • Get real time information about the production of your power plant generator

  • Control in real time production and consumption

  • Analyse the charging performance and issue predictive maintenance if necessary

  • Offer a better pricing scheme based on the availability of the different sources

Save money through better forecasting of the energy consumption

  • Get real time information about the energy flow and the status of the grid

  • Use a cost effective solution

  • Save money on better forecasting

  • Get early information about needed maintenance (predictive)

Disaggregation is a promising solution to analyse the customers appliances. The main focus is  to detect over the time appliances who are responsible for the most energy usage.

4 key values that drive us every day. For a smarter today and a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

The EnergyRadar Service Management mobiles the potential of solving the problems of today’s energy consumption.

Our Motivation

The EnergyRadar Service Management enables meter readings in near real-time  available for innovative applications.

Our Mission

With the EnergyRadar Service Management we are elivering high class products to improve energy usage to save the environment.

Our Solution

The EnergyRadar Service Management supports future innovative services with real time energy data from smart meter.

Busy? Don’t worry, we got all the news in one place!

Director of Sales & Business Development

Horst Toddenrott

Horst Toddenrott is your contact person for the department of energy monitoring at Cuculus GmbH with its product line called EnergyRadar. Target is a to enable energy suppliers and customers access to real time meter readings.

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